Discussing the role of fully integrated scores in video games, with VGMO – “There are many examples in the indie sector of games that have fully integrated video game scores into the overall experience. One clear example of this is within the BAFTA-winning game Thomas Was Alone, by developer Mike Bithell. The composer David Housden’s score for the title is as important to the game as the narration by the flamboyant broadcaster Danny Wallace. It humanizes what is essentially a bunch of 2-D shapes, encouraging an empathetic response from the player with its uplifting progressions and instrumentation.

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So with the ceremony having been and gone now, I’m delighted to be able to say that I was asked by BAFTA to participate as a jury member to decide the nominees and winner of the ‘Best Music’ category for 2016. An honour which is typically reserved for BAFTA members and industry veterans.

I was one of a jury of nine and after having a couple of months to play through and (more importantly) listen to all of the shortlisted games and their respective scores, we convened to discuss our findings and opinions before casting our votes on the nominees and eventual winner.

It was a tremendously informative and rewarding experience; as well as being one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do! The strength of the shortlisted titles this year was incredibly high and for me there really was no clear winner, with many of the scores all beautiful in their own rights. I was able to narrow it down to a top 3, and I felt that any one of those would have been worthy winners in my book. So it was with great pleasure that I saw the award go to one of those selections, Ms Jess Curry for her stunning work on Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture last year.

I’d like to extend my congratulations to all of the nominated and shortlisted parties. I felt they all did some amazing work and should take great pride for making it to the top of the cut, in a year which saw heavy hitters such as Metal Gear Solid V, Bloodborne, Call of Duty et al not receive a look in. Equally I’d like to thank BAFTA for involving me in the process and putting on another fantastic night at the awards ceremony. Having now received a behind the scenes look, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for the deliberations during the year Thomas Was Alone was nominated. Although then again, I imagine the discussions may have been relatively short given that was also the year of Journey! Either way I found it very inspiring and it’s renewed my resolve to ensure that mine will be among the works being discussed again, in the not too distant future!

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David will be speaking on the music panel, as part of the game audio summit at the London Games Festival on Monday 4th April.

The talk will be held at the British Film Institue on the Southbank and commences at 11:00am.

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Next week will mark my first ever time at GDC. I’ve meant to go the past couple of years in a row now, but unfortunately deadlines have always got in the way. However, with an opportune break in schedule, I promised myself I’d go this year.

As well as all of the amazing talks, seminars and workshops being put on, I think I’m most excited about getting to meet folk I’ve only had relationships with online, thus far. Be they collaborators, peers, heroes, or fans, I’m really looking forward to putting faces to names and enjoying far too many beers in good company.

With everything happening this year, it will also be nice to step out of the studio for a while and reconnect with the industry. It can be easy to miss the forest for the trees when caught up in the middle of a strict schedule, so it’s good to remind ourselves of why we do what we do, and who we’re ultimately doing it for, once in a while. Hope to see lots of you there!

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Delighted to announce that David has been nominated as ‘Best Independent Composer’ of 2015 in the Video Game Music Online awards!

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David joins host Emily Reese on her exclusive podcast, discussing all things game music.

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David was recently asked to compose a demo, showcasing Will Bedford’s ‘Granulate’ synth.

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Four page spread with Stencil Magazine, David discusses game scoring, breaking into the industry and his plans for next year! P141-145

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Mike Bithell announces new game set in the Volume universe, in the Playstation blog this week. Confirmed for release on Playstation VR next year.

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David talks to the number one distributors of the worlds best audio software, Time + Space, about his favourite sample libraries, go-to software, and compositional techniques.

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