Game, TV and Film Composer

Who is David Housden?

David Housden is an award winning, BAFTA nominated composer from Suffolk, creating immersive and memorable music for visual media. A composer for games, TV and film, delivering sophisticated scores with exceptional production value, Housden is widely renowned as one of the industry’s most promising young talents.

"David is not only one of the most fresh and talented musicians that I've ever had the pleasure of working with but he has a true understanding of games and immersing a player.
Anthony James Grand-Scrutton - Microsoft Executive Producer
"I hired David as a composer, what I got was a collaborator. His work on Thomas helped to elevate the game far beyond anything I could have hoped it would be. He's a hero, give him the room to excel and you'll be shocked at what he can deliver."
Mike Bithell - Thomas Was Alone
"David is a fantastic musician, and working with him has been a pleasure. He's professional, delivers great quality results and I'd highly recommend him."
Patrick O'Luanaigh - CEO nDreams (Playstation Home)
"Incredible music."
Danny Wallace - Assassin's Creed 3, Yes Man, XFM
"Beautifully minimalist music, ethereal."
"Wonderful score,
lays down an irresistible aural backdrop."
The Telegraph
"Wonderful tracks, really nailed them all.
So nice working with you."
Jonathan Ross
"The most riveting game soundtrack of the year."
Gamezone (on Thomas Was Alone)
"The music is AWESOME."
Hookshot Inc